Instructions to Authors

Full Length text research papers, short communications, short research articles are accepted.

Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font of 12 in double space.

Titles should be in a font size 14 with bold face capitals.

Subtitles should be in font size 12 with bold face capitals.

  1. Title page: with names of Authors, addresses, phone numbers, address for correspondence
  2. Abstract and Keywords
  3. Introduction and Experimental
  4. Results and Discussion
  5. References

Tables should be presented on separate pages with numbers.

Manuscript should contain a complete list of all references at the end of the manuscript with an individual reference number for each reference. All references must be numbered consecutively, in the order of appearance in the text.

The references should be inserted at the appropriate location in the text by writing the reference number, in parenthesis (not by author and date, or et al style).

References should be arranged in the order it appears in the text and set out as follows: Surname, initials name of titles followed by name of journal, year of publication, vol. no. and page no., for example-

Power D.H. and Fox C., The effect of cosmetic emulsions on the stratum corneum, J.Soc. Cosmet. Chem., 1959, 10,109-116.

Tuner R.A., Screening Methods in Pharmacology, Academic Press, New York and London, 1965,112.

The editorial board reserves right to condense or make necessary changes in the length of manuscript.

There are no printing, subscription or membership charges for any author.

Note: Articles appear in a normal print journal format on a computer screen and can be printed as such, with the corresponding journal page numbers.

Note: Plagiarized articles will be straight away rejected.

Download Copyright Form and Cover Letter To be submitted along with Manuscript

Copyright Form

Cover Letter

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