Peace Research and Knowledge Hub is established to support in Technocrats, Scientists, Academicians, Researchers and Students involved in the receiving, distributing, supplying the research data, interpretations, bases to all the destinations in time.

Peace Research and Knowledge Hub is an International Research Knowledge Hub committed to provide a common universal platform to utilize research knowledge globally. It undertakes to distribute and provide the Research Knowledge in the subject areas Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Production, Environment, Communication, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Research, Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Agro chemistry and applied Biosciences to all the destinations for faster connectivity to respective research, taking due care of speed and pace of knowledge generation.

Why Us ?

  • Open Access, Peer Reviewed Journal
  • Easy & Rapid Monthly Publication
  • Soft copy of Certificate on Request
  • Hard Copy of Published Paper
  • Author Support
  • Professional Publication Practice
  • Life Time Hosting
  • A global list of prestigious academic journal reviewers including from leading colleges & universities.
  • Abstracted & Indexed in Major Bibliographic open Journal Databases.
  • Open Access Journal Database for High visibility and promotion of your research work.
  • Free Promotion
  • Indexing in Leading Database
  • More Citations
  • High Quality Reader Base
  • Search Engine Friendly


Vol 1: Issue 1: 2o16Journal
Vol 2: Issue 1: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 2: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 3: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 4: 2o17Journal
Vol 2: Issue 5: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 6: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 7: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 8: 2o17Journal
Vol 2: Issue 9: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 10: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 11: 2o17Journal Vol 2: Issue 12: 2o17Journal
Vol 3: Issue 1: 2o18Journal Vol 3: Issue 2: 2o18Journal Vol 3: Issue 3: 2o18Journal Vol 3: Issue 4: 2018Journal
Vol 3: Issue 5: 2o18Journal


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